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 Professional Performer & Instructor

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Weekly Classes

As a insured, versatile performer, I am capable of adapting to different themes, whether it's for adults or children. My passion lies in creating a magical atmosphere using live performances to add an exceptional touch to any occasion. From parties, festivals, corporate events, weddings... I can create the perfect ambiance. With customizable entertainment options, I can ensure that your next event will be truly unforgettable.

I offer a range of classes at various studios in San Francisco, CA. As a coach, I prioritize building a sense of community, establishing strong foundations, and nurturing creativity. I am  accommodating of different skill levels and goals, whether you are seeking a challenging workout or preparing for an upcoming performance, im your girl! 


 To view the schedule and sign up for classes, please visit my "train with me" page. If you are interested in receiving personalized attention, feel free to contact me to arrange a private lesson.


Guest Instruction

I am a firm believer in cultivating a positive community where artists can thrive collectively. When artists collaborate, they pool their resources, knowledge, and experiences to bring ideas to life. It is truly inspiring to witness the exchange of ideas between two different artistic styles, resulting in the creation of something new. Could be a duo act, music video, or photoshoot, the possibilities are endless. Let's  make something extraordinary happen!

Exploring new opportunities to extend my knowledge is something I truly enjoy. Whether it's visiting your studio, festival, or corporate event, I am eager to share my passions with new faces. I offer a range of options including workshops, series, and teacher trainings. 

about me


Hi! My name is Kylie, also known by Skyflow. I am a professional performance artist and instructor based in San Francisco, CA. I have been training in a variety of circus and movement arts for over twelve years, My introduction to circus began in a youth program. I am so grateful for the creativity and passion that has since been instilled in me.


Throughout the years I have honed my skills in aerial arts, contortion, gogo dance, flow/prop arts, creative modeling, and shuffle dance. I provide high-quality performance work, weekly classes, collaborations, and guest instruction. I have been performing and teaching for the past five years, and am proud to have established Skyflow Movement as a platform to pursue my passions and share my expertise with others.


As an artist, I believe in prioritizing community, uniqueness, and fostering positive, genuine connections through art. I feel excited to continue sharing my art globally, spreading joy through performances and teachings. I'm look forward to seeing where this journey continues to take me!



contortionist, model, performance arts, circust artist


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